During an Adopt-A-Block outreach, one of our groups knocked on a door that was opened by a middle-aged woman named Sue. She was babysitting her four grandchildren while her daughter was at work. Sue had recently lost her job and wasn’t sure what she was going to do. As conversation progressed, she proceeded to share that she had moved to Colorado 13 years ago with her former husband and their children. Sue was raised in church and has a dear love for God, but since being in Colorado, she has struggled to connect with a church that she feels truly resembles the peace and love of God, that she felt was present in her hometown church.

Sue, her daughter, and her grandchildren are just six of nearly 10,000 people who live in the Park Hill neighborhood with a daily struggle to get by. The average population per square mile is 5,323, nearly double the average population per square mile for the rest of Colorado Springs. Just over 25 percent of the Park Hill community lives below the poverty line and the neighborhood has one of the highest crime rates in the entire city.

Sue had never heard of the Dream Centers before and was thrilled to hear who we are and what we do. She was encouraged to hear that God-centered ministry was happening in–what they had already realized as new residents–was a hurting neighborhood. She explained how refreshed she was by the heart and the presence of God’s love and peace so evident in the group standing on her doorstep. She said that since moving to Colorado, this was the first time she felt she’d encountered people who carried the presence of God. The group gave Sue information on a church that could be a really good fit for her. Being very interested in both the Dream Centers and the church, she was enthusiastic about researching both and pursuing them in the future. The Adopt-A-Block group took the time to pray for her and offered her a few bags of groceries, which she gratefully accepted for her daughter, a single mom providing for four children. We are so blessed to have a presence in the Park Hill neighborhood and witness—as well as be a part of—the ministry the Lord is doing there.

Your gift to Adopt-A-Block brings renewed hope to people in the Park Hill neighborhood.





$34,979 median household income in the Park Hill Neighborhood compared to Colorado Springs average of $53,550 (






38% higher crime rate in Park Hill Neighborhood than Colorado Springs; 188% higher rate of rape than U.S. (






23.3% below poverty level in the Park Hill Neighborhood compared to 12.9% in Colorado Springs / 5,497 people per square mile compared to 2,368 people per square mile in Colorado Springs ( 2013)

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